Child Advocate

About Child Advocate

What is a Child Advocate?
An advocate is someone who is cheering on a child and advocating for his/her success. Provide the life-changing opportunity of an education for a child in need. Many vulnerable and at-risk children across Kenya struggle to pay their school fees and cannot afford a quality education. Your monthly support provides uniforms, books, materials, high-quality instruction, breakfast, and lunch, (as well as dinner and housing for kids who board at the school) to a child who normally would struggle to attend school.

Our advocate program has 2 options:
-Fully support a child by becoming a sole advocate and giving $76 per month.
-Cover half of a child's support as a dual advocate at $38 a month.

To set up a recurring advocate donation on a QUARTERLY basis, select $114 and click "SUBMIT". On the following page, you can then set the frequency of your donation to "recurring quarterly."

You may also choose to set up an ANNUAL recurring donation of $456.